Trước giờ bạn vẫn luôn tự ước chừng trình độ tiếng Anh của mình, rồi cảm thấy tự tin / tự ti về điều đó. Nhưng thực tế liệu có đúng như vậy? Đến ngay với thử thách sau, và cùng vén tấm màn bí ẩn về trình độ tiếng Anh của bạn!

A. Listening

Listen to these conversations. There is one question in each conversation. After each conversation, you will have 10 seconds to choose the suitable answer. You can only hear the conversation ONCE.
1. Where are they?
2. Who are the people?
3. The woman is Lily’s _______.
4. Which season is she talking about?
5. Which room is the man talking about?
6. What is the man doing?
7. What is the woman talking about?
8. What is Mike going to study?
9. Why is Angela happy?
10. Where are Josh and Jack going?
11. Where did the man stay on his holiday?
12. What does Heather do?
13. What festival is the man talking about?
14. What are the couple talking about?
15. What is wrong with the report?

B. Reading:

 Circle the best answer or reply TO each question or statement.
16. When can we meet again?
17. My aunt is going to stay with me.
18. When do you study?
19. Would you prefer lemonage or orange juice?
20. Let’s have dinner now.
21. The snow was ... heavily when I left the house.
22. I can’t find my keys anywhere – I ... have left them at work.
23. When a car pulled out in front of her, Jane did well not to ... control of her bicycle.
24. According to Richard’s ... the train leaves at 7 o’clock.
25. When you stay in a country for some time you get used to the people’s ... of life.
26. The builders are ... good progress with the new house.
27. She is now taking a more positive ... to her studies and should do well.
28. My father ... his new car for two weeks now.
29. What differences are there ... the English spoken in the UK and the English spoken in the US?
30. At 6 p.m, I started to get angry with him because he was late ...
31. ... you get your father’s permission, I’ll take you skiing next weekend.
32. A local company has agreed to ... the school team with football shirts.
33. I really enjoy stories that are ... in the distant future.
34. That old saucepan will come in ... when we go camping.
35. Anyone ... after the start of the play is not allowed in until the interval.
36. I didn’t ... driving home in the storm so I stayed overnight in a hotel.
37. The judge said that those prepared to ... in crime must be ready to suffer the consequences.
38. Marianne seemed to take ... at my comments on her work.
39. You should not have a dog if you are not ... to look after it.
40. The farmhouse was so isolated that they had to generate their own electricity ...

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