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Part 1. Listen to the phone call between two ladies. Then, make right decision on the questions.

1. Why are they going to the department store?
2. When are they going to meet?
3. What are the two items they are looking at?
4. What is on sale for $80?
5. ______________ have annual sale.
Part 2. Listen to the conversation between Steve and his friend. Choose the best  answer  for each question.

6. What type of exercising are they talking about?
7. What does Steve do during his workout?
8. How long has it been since they have seen each other?
9. When will they see each other again?
10. Exercising at home is a suitable environment.


11. It’s against the law, isn’t it?
12. He took off his clothes and jumped into the water.
13. They sometimes steal things and tell lies. They are ____________.
14. He is a famous and well off man. People say he’s not only good looking, but also a nice friend.
15. Johnathan said he slept 8 hours last night and felt so good now. He was ______
16. I don’t know what I should advise you in the best way. So, just ____________ by yourself.
17. The kid is so naughty. Please ____________ on him when you are working.
18. He _________ the kitchen and made some tea.
19. I thought the conference was going to be boring, but it _______ to be quite helpful.
20. The adventurers went to the wrong place ________ mistakes.


Read the article below and choose the correct answer.

The Mystery of the Maya

The Mayan Indians lived in Mexico for thousands of years before the Spanish arrived in the 1500s. The Maya were an intelligent, culturally rich people whose achievements were many. They had farms, beautiful palaces, and cities with many buildings. The Mayan people knew a lot about nature and the world around them. This knowledge helped them to live a better life than most people of that time, because they could use it to make their lives more comfortable and rewarding. Knowledge about tools and farming, for instance, made their work easier and more productive.

In ancient Mexico there were many small clearings in the forest. In each clearing was a village with fields of corn, beans, and other crops around it. To clear the land for farms, the Maya cut down trees with stone axes. They planted seeds by digging holes in the ground with pointed sticks. A farmer was able to grow crops that produced food for several people. But not every Maya had to be a farmer. Some were cloth makers, builders, or priests.

The Maya believed in many gods, including rain gods, sun gods, and corn gods. The people built large temples to honor the Mayan gods. Skillful workers built cities around these temples. It was difficult for them to construct these cities, because they had no horses to carry the heavy stone they used to build with. Workers had to carry all of the building materials themselves. Today, many of these ancient Mayan cities and temples are still standing.

Although the cities that the Maya built were beautiful, and the people worked hard to build them, very few of the people lived in them. Usually, only the priests lived in the cities.

The other people lived in small villages in the forests. Their houses were much simpler than the elaborate structures in the cities. They lived in small huts with no windows. The walls were made of poles covered with dried mud, and the roof was made of grass or leaves. Most Maya lived a simple life close to nature.

Measuring time was important to the Maya, so they developed a system for

measuring it accurately. Farmers needed to know when to plant and harvest their crops. Mayan priests made a system to keep track of time. They wrote numbers as dots (...) and bars (-). A dot was one and a bar was five.

The Mayan priests studied the Sun, Moon, stars, and planets. They made a calendar from what they learned. The year was divided into 18 months of 20 days each with five days left over. The Mayan calendar was far more accurate than the European calendars of the time.

Around the year 800, the Maya left their villages and beautiful cities, never to return. No one knows why this happened. They may have died from an infectious disease. They may have left because the soil could no longer grow crops. Archaeologists are still trying to find the lost secrets of the Maya. They are still one of our greatest mysteries.
21. In the sentence “The Maya were an intelligent, culturally rich people whose achievements were many”, what does the word achievements mean?
22. The Maya lived in Mexico ___________
23. Many Mayan cities and temples are still standing today because ______________
24. What is the main idea of this article?
25. Most Maya lived
26. The sentence “Their houses are much simpler than the elaborate structure in the city.” The word “elaborate” means
27. In Maya, people worked as ________
28. The Maya worked hard to build many beautiful cities and _________ lived in them.
29. The people made seeds plants by using __________
30. It was said that The Maya disappeared from their land because they might have died from an infectious disease and the soil was too crowded to live.

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