Welcome to your Flyers - Listening, Reading & Writing Test

Student Name

Part 1 – 5 questions –

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.



Part 2 – 5 questions –

Listen and write. There is one example.

Redbridge Police Station


ELISSA  In the

1. Has lost a:

2. Where lost:

In the

3. Things inside:


4. Colour:

5. Name inside:


Part 3 – 5 questions –

Where should these things go in the new house?

Listen and write a letter in each box. There is one example.


Part 4 – 5 questions –

Listen and tick () the box. There is one example.

1. What must Harry do first?

2. What will Harry make for lunch?

3. Where should Harry go to buy the eggs?

4. What should Harry put on the tables?

5. What was the weather like yesterday?

Flyers Reading & Writing

Part 1 – 10 questions –

Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the lines.

There is one example.

an actor/a hospital/a bank/a library/a chemist’s/a secretary/a clown/a mechanic/a circus/a café/

a journalist/a cinema/a dentist/an artist/an airport

You can go to this place if you want to

watch a film.

a cinema

1.        You can go to this shop to buy medicine and other things.

2.        This is a place you go to if you want to catch a plane.

3.        If you want to be one of these, you need to be very good at drawing or painting.

4. You usually see this inside a big tent. You might see horses, lions and elephants here.   

5.        This is someone who works in the theatre, in films or on TV.

6.        People laugh when they see this person with his round, red nose, big feet and strange clothes.

7.        An ambulance might take you here if you are very ill.

8.        You go to this place if you want to get money or talk to someone about your money.

9.        This person makes you better when you have a toothache.

10.   This person writes in a newspaper about things that have happened.


Part 2 – 7 questions –

Look and read. Write yes or no.


1.     All of the children are carrying rucksacks on their backs.

2.     Through the window, you can see two swings.

3.     The girl who is brushing her hair has got black tights

4.     The woman has just come into the house and closed the door.

5.     The umbrella that is in the bin is broken.

6.     Outside, the sky is grey and it has begun to rain.

7.     On the shelf that is below the picture there are three keys.


Part 3 – 5 questions –

Tom is talking to his Uncle Harry. What does Uncle Harry say?

Read the conversation and choose the best answer.

Write a letter (A–H) for each answer.

You do not need to use all the letters. There is one example.


1. Tom:                     What are your friends at work like?

   Uncle Harry:     
2. Tom:                     Who drives the fire engine?

Uncle Harry:       
3. Tom:                     How many days do you work each week?

Uncle Harry:       

4. Tom:                   Do you prefer living at the fire station or at home?

Uncle Harry:       
5. Tom:                   Can I come and visit you at the fire station?

Uncle Harry:       



Part 4 – 6 questions –

Read the story. Choose a word from the box.
Write the correct word next to numbers 1–5. There is one example.

Helen Green is a ..clever.. girl who loves school. Helen likes learning and (1)  out about old things, so she was very happy when her mum said, ‘Today, we are going to a place full of old things like cups, bowls, chairs, dolls and dinosaurs! Can you (2) where we are going to do?'

Helen’s little sister Lucy didn’t answer, but Helen shouted, ‘A museum!’ Mum smiled and said, ‘Helen’s right. Let’s go!’

When they were there, Mum took the girls to the dinosaur room, but Lucy didn’t want to go in. ‘What’s the matter? Why are you (3)   asked Helen.

‘The dinosaurs might eat me,’ said Lucy and she started to cry. ‘You mustn’t think that,’ said Helen. ‘Dinosaurs have been extinct for (4) '

Lucy stopped crying because she was so surprised. She looked at her mum to see if she (5)  with Helen. Then Lucy laughed, and the girls ran to look at the dinosaurs.

6. Now choose the best name for this story.

Tick one box.

Part 5 – 7 questions –

Look at the picture and read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 words.

A competition

My name’s Richard, and I live in a small village with my older sister and my parents. My sister’s name is Katy. Our village is very near a big, blue lake, and we love to go swimming in it.

Last Tuesday, my friend William came to our house and we went swimming together. When we were in the water, we saw some silver fish. Katy said, ‘Look, I can swim faster than the fish!’ William said, ‘So can I!’

Then Katy said, ‘Let’s see who can swim across the lake the fastest! Let’s have a race!’ William likes to have competitions, and so does Katy, but I don’t because I am the youngest and so I never win. I was last again. I felt tired and unhappy.

William said, ‘OK. Let’s have one more competition. Let’s see who can jump the highest out of the water. Richard, you go first.’

I jumped up, then Katy jumped, then William. I jumped the lowest, and William jumped the highest. William shouted, ‘I am the best at jumping!

I am the best!’ But when he was shouting, a beautiful gold fish jumped out of the water, much higher than William.

I laughed and said, ‘No, William, that beautiful fish is the best!’


1. Richard and his sister go swimming in the

2. Richard's friend is called

3. There were in the water with the children.

4. Richard doesn’t win competitions because he is   in the family.

5. When Richard finished last in the race he was

6. The second child who jumped out of the water was

7. When William was shouting, a beautiful fish jumped than him.

Part 6 – 10 questions –

Read the text. Choose the right words and write them on the lines.

Example: Butterflies ...are... beautiful insects. People enjoy looking at

1. butterflies because of the lovely colours on wings.

2. In busy cities, it is difficult butterflies to find a nice

3. place to live, but we can plant flowers that butterflies

4. in our parks and gardens. At night, or bad weather,

5. butterflies hide under leaves or sleep in small spaces rocks.

6. Some butterflies eat one kind of plant. This is called

7. a ‘food plant’. A butterfly’s colours are . the same

8. as its food plant, so it can hide well. This is important animals like birds, bats and spiders eat butterflies.

9. You can see different kinds of butterflies at a butterfly farm. The butterfly farmer looks after butterflies there to show them to other people, and to sell them.

10. Some butterflies are big but the butterfly in the world looks like a fly.

Part 7 – 5 questions –

Read the email and write the missing words. Write one word on each line.

Dear David

Tomorrow is my birthday. (Example)...What... shall I do?

I’d like to go to a restaurant (1) you and

my other friends. We could have pizza and ice cream,

but Mum and Dad say it’s more fun to go to the park

and (2) football.

I think going to the restaurant is better (3)

going to the park but I (4) everyone to

enjoy my birthday.

So I have decided to ask all my friends to choose. Then

I can tell Mum and Dad. What (5) you like to do tomorrow?