A. Choose A,B or C to fill in the blank

1. John’s mother gave ____ a drive to school last week

2. Next week, we _______ travel to Ha Noi with our family.

3. Alice: “ How did you get to the meeting?

    John :” …………………”

4. Jay: “How do you do?” – Vivian: “……………………..”

5. As a newspaper reporter, she always wanted to get information at first hand.

6. This machine is broken. Please call the maintenance department to fix it as soon as possible.

7. Patrick is an original musician as he is able to make his own music from folk and pop. A lot of famous artists admire his talent, and now he’s going to do world tour for his fans.

8. It’s difficult for us to find a _____________ when we go shopping.

9. In the supermarket, this section is called___________:

10. A: “Would you mind lending me your computer?”

    B:  “ …………………..”

B. Look at the picture and choose the most suitable word

2. She is ____ of the race.


4. What is she doing?

5. The beach is_______

PART 2. Grammar & Writing

A. Choose A,B or C to fill in the blank

1. ______ you happy today?

2. Bob can _____ very fast.

3. It was so cold, _____ I closed the window.

4. Cris: Do you think my camera phone is good enough to take photos for my trip to Switzerland?

Mary: I _______ to buy a digital camera. It’s more modern and useful.

5. Thomas just set an alarm on his phone ________ he can be prepared for his early flight tomorrow.

6. Jennie: I got my phone stolen. I wish I hadn’t  my call on the street this morning.

Chloe: I’m so sorry to hear that.

7. The second training session is for employees ……… responsibilities include processing payroll forms.

8. This free mobile app provides ….. calendar updates, so salespeople will never miss an appointment.

9. Choose ONE underline word that is NOT CORRECT in the sentence 

My uncle would like inviting some of his colleagues to his birthday party.

10. What will you have for the lunch?

B. Fill in the blank with ONE correct word

1. The student is his homework.

2. What’s this? Can you reorder the word?

A / F / T / C / R / Y / O

3. Who’s this? Can you reorder the word?

G / R / S / E / I / N


C. Where does this sentence best belong, position [1], [2] or [3]?

1.“The meeting was scheduled for the following morning”

John arrived at the airport after a long flight. ------[1]-------. He hailed a taxi and headed to his hotel. ------[2]------Once settled in, he called his friend to arrange a meeting.-----[3]------


2. “She brewed a pot of tea and sat down to read her favorite book.”

----[1]----Alexandra woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside her window.----[2]----Then, she remembered she had a dentist appointment scheduled for that morning. ----[3]----Quickly finishing her tea, she rushed to get ready for her appointment.


A. Listen and type the right word

4. Choose SAME if two words sound the same. Choose DIFFERENT if one word sound different

B. Listen and fill in the blank with no more than 2 words

 Customer Services
  Telephone Message

Caller’s name:    (5)  Firth
Client:                  Allen and Brown Ltd
Item(s) ordered: (6)
Order no./date:   (7) HP / 12-3-02
Notes:                   order was delivered (8)  late
                                 and was supplied without (9)
Action:                 call to apologise and discuss about (10)