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1. Write an email to a supplier using the information below. (30 minutes)

Some information you should use:

-You ordered 1,000 pieces but only 800 were delivered. 

-You need these pieces urgently. 

-There is also a mistake on the invoice. 

-When you called to talk to someone about it, no-one could find a record of your order. 

-This is not the first time you have had problems like this. 

Some ideas for your email: 

-The problems you have faced with

-Express how disappointed you are

-Ask for solutions: how to deal with the matter urgently; ask to send the correct items, to replace the goods, to give a refund,…

Write a minimum of 100 words.

2. Write an email to arrange a meeting about a new project (30 minutes)

You are a team leader. Write to your team members to arrange a meeting with you about a new project. Prepare the situation using the questions below. The information can be real or imaginary. 

- Who are you writing to? Why do they need to be at the meeting? 

- What is the meeting about? Why is it happening? 

- What project are you in charge of? What is it about? (some important facts about the project such as deadline, clients’ requirements, …)

- What day, time, and place will you suggest? (e.g. your own office, meeting room no. …,) 

- Do you want your team members to take any action before the meeting? Ideas: bring something; prepare something; tell you about possible agenda items. 

- Ask for a quick reply. 

Write a minimum of 100 words.