Part A: Grammar (70 points)

I. Make sentences from the prompts. Use the past simple form of the verbs:

1. We / enjoy / the party, and we / not want / to go home


2. Mary / travel / to London, but she / not visit / Buckingham Palace

II. Use the correct form of words in brackets to make the comparison.

3. Everyone would argue that AI are (intelligent) than humans.

4. The price in Ha Nam is (cheap) than Ha Noi.

5. Cutting down trees in this street could be considered to be one of (dangerous) reasons

6. She prefers visiting Hong Kong, one of the (vibrant) city in the world.

III. Fill in the blanks to complete the sentence using the present continuous tense.

7. The children _______ in the garden. (play)

8. The teacher _______ the lesson on the whiteboard. (write)

IV. Choose the most correct answers.

9. The cat is sitting ________ the table.

10. The playground is ________ the school and the library.

11. The picture is hanging ________ the television.

12. The park is located ________ the city center.

13. There is a cat hiding ________ the box.

14. The library is located ________ the two tall buildings.

Part B: Listening (30 points)

I. Are the sentences true or false?

1. Patrick and Selina have never met each other before.


2. Selina still lives in London.

3. Selina didn't like her job in London.

4. Selina is living with her parents.

5. Patrick also went to London.

II. Write the correct number to fill the gaps.

1. They have not seen each other for over years.

2. Selina was in London for years.

3. Selina has been back for months.

4. Patrick has been married for years.

5. Patrick's children are and years old.