Welcome to your FSOFT PRE011 - FINAL TEST


I. Choose the best answer (20 points)

1. The park service asks visitors to behave _______ and show respect for wildlife.

2. The _______ of Board of Directors is scheduled for Monday.

3. I met some nice __________ when I traveled to Vietnam.

4. Mr. Phong made an ___________ to see us at two o’clock.

5. Each of my friends has a ___________ character.

6. There wasn’t any ___________ in our village two years ago.

7. This ___________________ scarf belongs to my brother.

8. ___________, the barber cut my hair too short.

9. Successful ______________ will go to the next round. 

10. Computers are _______ used in schools and universities.

II. Give the right forms of the verbs in brackets (20 points)

1. It (rain) hard. We can't do anything until it (stop) .

2. I (visit) my uncle's home regularly when I (be) a child.

3. We never (meet) him. We don't know what he (look) like.

4. I (not/play) tennis since I was at school but I (be) very good at it back then.

5. I think our teacher (forget) about the test! He (not/ say) anything about it in the last season!

6. Trang usually (listen) to the teacher in the class, but she (not listen) now.

7. Hang (go) to the bookshop now because she (want) to buy some books.

8. If I come) to New York next month, I (connect) you.

9. We're slightly delayed. We (not pick) you up at 7:00. We (pick) you up at 7:15.

10. Please be quiet! You (always/ make) so much noise so I can’t concentrate.

III. Choose the best answer (20 points)

1. She put so ___________ salt in the soup that she couldn't have it. It was too salty.

2. There was so ___________ traffic that it took me an hour to get home.

3. “Is there ___________ tea in this kitchen?”

4. This is ___________ interesting newspaper.

5. She put too _________ sugar in the coffee. It became so sweet that I couldn't drink it.

6. Can I have _________ glass of milk?

7. "Do you know Rome?" "No, I haven't been there for _________  years."

8. The snow was getting quite deep. I had _________  hope of getting home that night.

9. Eating out seems to be expensive in this sumptuous city. There aren’t _______ cheap restaurants.

10.  Try to avoid foods which contain __________ fat.

IV. Arrange sentences in correct orders (20 points)

1. study/ If/ the/ will/ you/ not/ final/ pass/ hard, you/ don't/ exam.

2. drink/ restaurant/ They/ the/ same/ will/ in/ next week

3. a lift/ Will/ give/ you/ the station?/ please/ me/ to

4. Shall/ enjoy/ we/ the beach?/ early/ to/ get up/ the sunrise/ on

5. we/ Shall/ a meeting/ on / have/ Tuesday?

6. soon/ will / We/ that/ she/ her/ believe/ recover from/ illness

7. come/ to / I’m/ be able to/ won’t/  afraid/ she/ the party

8. I/ time/ finish/ to/ still/ have/ enough/ this/ a little/ exercise

9. rain/ wasn’t/ last night/ much/ There

10.  the rest/ the week/ He/ a little/ only/ has money/ for/ of

V. Reading (20 points)

Passage 1. Questions 1-2 refer to the following e-mail.

From: frontdesk @parkersquarehotel.com 

To: noro @ mailsail.com

Subject: re: Early check 

Date: May 16, 1:30 P.M

Dear Mr. Noro, 

We received your e-mail about early check-ins. To answer your question, at the Parker Square Hotel early check-ins are available between 10:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. for an additional $25. Guests are requested to contact us at least one day ahead of time so that we can make arrangements and have a room ready for them in the morning. Because you'll be arriving tomorrow, could you please reply today by 6:00 PM. to confirm that you are interested in checking in earlier? 

With best regards, 

Lisa Murata 

Front Desk Manager, Parker Square Hotel

1. What is the purpose of the e-mail?

2. When is the latest that Mr. Noro should contact Ms. Murata?

Passage 2. Questions 3-5 refer to the following memorandum

To: Staffs, Smart Movement Technologies, Washington DC, US – 369741

From: Fernandez Alstar, CEO

Date: September, 10th, 2010

Subject: Rules of Wearing Identity Cards

As required by the company, all the staffs of Smart Movement Technologies are required to carry their identity card and this rule will start in the next five days. This will help the management to give distinct identity for staff members, who are associated with the company. The new candidates of the Sales Department should also carry a temporary ID card provided by the company.

The management is looking for a good cooperation from the staffs and members. The company has also made a strict rule to carry the identity cards every day to office. Misplacing or not carrying the ID card will result in marking as absent for all the employees. Let me remind that if you’re absent for 3 times a month, you will be deducted 30% of your salary in that month. If much more, you can absolutely be laid off. Management is making these strict rules for the safety and convince of the staffs and management.

For further related queries or issues, the staffs and employees can contact the Management Department.

3. Why is this memo written?

4. When will this rule be effective?

5. What will happen to the employees who do not carry their ID cards?