Welcome to your Harmony E2 L2 – Final Reading and Writing Test


Part 1:

(Questions 1-5)

Look at questions 1 – 5. In each question, which sentence is correct? For each question, choose one letter (A, B or C) for the correct answer.

Question 1: Applicants must have

Question 2: Sportmaster wants to

Question 3:

Question 4:

Question 5: Customers should normally pay for goods

Part 2:

(Questions 6-10)

Look at the advertisement below. It shows services offered by a business consultancy. For questions 6 - 10, decide which service (A - H) would be suitable for each person. For each question, choose one letter (A - H). Do not use any letter more than once.

6. Margaret Williams needs help in choosing the business loan with the most competitive terms.

7. Ibrahim Shah wants to be sure that there will be enough demand for his product.

8. Maria Fernandez would like some advice about where to advertise a new line of goods.

9. Kim Seng wants to research new laws on constructing buildings.

10. Peder Andersen needs to know whether his existing funds are enough to set up his business.

Part 3:

(Questions 11 – 17)

Read the advertisement below for a hot drinks machine. Are sentences 11 - 16 on the opposite page ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’? If there is not enough information to answer ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’, choose ‘Doesn’t say’. For each sentence 11 - 17, choose one letter (A, B or C)

11. With a QVM machine, companies can avoid having a canteen altogether.

12. The QVM machine provides enough hot drinks for up to fifteen people.

13. Most customers prefer to rent the QVM machine over sixty months.

14. The electricity used daily by the machine costs less than the price of a hot drink.

15. The machine company empties the money from the machine as part of its service agreement.

16. Customers can refill their machines with drinks ingredients, if they want to.

17. During the trial period, the customer pays a reduced amount to rent the machine.

Part 4:

Questions 18 – 22

Read the memo and note below. Complete the claim form on the opposite page. Write a word or phrase or a number on lines 18 – 22.


Name of policy holder:


Policy Number:


Item(s) to be replaced:


Location of item(s)


Value when purchased


Cause of damage


Date of damage

Sunday 15 September

Part 5:

Question 23

Read this letter to your company from Sue Cowell.

Write a letter to Ms Cowell:
+ telling her the date and time of an interview you would like her to attend
+ giving details of a presentation you would like her to make at the interview
+ asking her to provide a reference
+ advising her how to get to your company.

Write 60 – 80 words. Write on your answer sheet. Do not include any postal addresses.