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Full name
Candidate's ID
Phone number

Questions 1-3

Complete the form below.
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.




Country of origin:


Visa type:

Visa valid until:

Availability for work:

Heard about job:

Ben Miller



a (1)


from (2) to October*

from the (3)


Questions 4-10

Complete the notes below.

Write NO MORE THAN WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.


Important information for fruit pickers

Picking season:

Busiest month is (4)

Exact picking dates depend on the (5)


Pickers over 18 will earn (6) £ an. hour


None on the farm but there is a (7) nearby


Pickers are advised to travel around by (8)


Only pickers with a (9) will be allowed to work


Pickers must bring lunch and a day’s supply of (10)



Question 11 - 16

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C

11. The announcer says that the main topic of today’s talk will be Gisborne’s

12. The Maori name for the Gisborne region signifies

13. Early exports from Gisborne came from its

14. According to the speaker, what does Gisborne export to Asia nowadays?

15. The Gisborne Summer Concert takes place in

16. On wet days in Gisborne the announcer recommends

Questions 17 - 20

Which group of people is each of the following attractions recommended for?

Choose FOUR answers from the box and write the correct letter, A - G, next to questions 17 - 20.

A disabled people

B elderly people

C recently married couples

D pregnant women

E secondary school children

F young school children

G young adults


17. Hot Springs Reserve

18. Mahia Peninsula

19. Motu River Rafting

20. Eden Woodlands Park


Questions 21-22

Choose TWO letters, A- E

Which two problems are caused by water hyacinth?

A plants and fish are poisoned

B farmers cannot fish

C the dam’s structure is damaged

D people are poisoned

E electricity production is affected.



Questions 23-26

Choose the correct letter, A. B or C.

23. Where was water hyacinth originally from?

24. What is the primary cause of the decrease in nutrients from the soil?

25. When will the biological solution bring risks to the environment?

26. What does John say about the mechanical solution?

Question 27-30

What is the benefit of the cut down water hyacinth to each of the following aspects?

Choose FOUR answers from the box an write the correct letter, A-F next to Questions 27-30

Benefits of the cut- down water hyacinth

A can reduce the effect of global warming

B can be used an alternative energy resource

C can make quick profits

D can produce materials for plants to grow in

E can be good for human health

F can produce fertilizer

27. dried water hyacinth

28. mushroom farmers

29. oyster and straw mushrooms

30. cows

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

Bislama - The Pidgin English Language of Vanuatu

Languages in Vanuatu

Local languages

Actively spoken languages:                  81

Declining languages:                              17

(31)  languages       8

Total:                                                106              

Foreign languages

English is used in the (32)  system


● It is spoken by 90% of the population today.

● In the past this language was described as (33)

History of Bislama

● Around 1800 it was used as a common language on many ships.

● After 1860 Vanuatu people worked in Australian (34)

● After 1950 people moved to the (35)

Description of Bislama


● Bislama should be called a (36)  ' pidgin.


● Most words come from English.

● Words such as “from” may have more (37) in Bislama.

● Less than 10% of words are of (38)

● Pacific words describe the natural world and also local (39)


● It is based on Vanuatu languages.

● The word “long” acts as an important (40)  in Bislama.