Welcome to your MID-TERM TEST


Part A: Pronunciation

I. Choose one word whose bold part is pronounced differently from the others (25 pts):

0. A. cut

B. such

C. put

1. A. nature

B. change

C. gravity

2. A. darkness

B. warmth

C. market

3. A. knock

B. key

C. king

4. A. knees

B. papers

C. cats

5. A. nation

B. question

C. promotion






II. Write the sentences based on their phonetic symbols (30 pts):
0. /maɪ ˈtiʧər ɪz ˈrɪli ɡreɪt/
My teacher is really great

1. /maɪ ˈfɑːðər ˈɒf(ə)n teɪks miː tuː skuːl baɪ kɑːr/

2. /ɪts sʌʧ ə ˈbjuːtəfʊl deɪ!/

3. /ɑr jʊ ˈgoʊɪŋ tə liv ɑn ˈθɜrzˌdeɪ ɔr ˈfraɪˌdeɪ?/

Part B: Grammar

III. Find out the mistakes in these sentences and then correct them. (Focus on the underlined words) (30 pts)



Example: She must to get up late today because she couldn’t go to work on time as usual.


Question 1: I works for a big technology company in Danang city.

Question 2: She knowed what I have done behind her back.

Question 3: There is a computer at my desk

Part C: Listening

IV. Listen and fill in the gaps (15 pts):

John: Do you always have dinner at a (1) time, too?

Sarah: No. I almost always eat dinner around 6 o'clock. How about you? When do you eat dinner?

John: My dinner time varies a lot just like my breakfast. So maybe I eat dinner later than most people. I think I would have dinner at (2) at the earliest. But sometimes, I will have dinner as late as 9 o'clock at night.

Sarah: Really?

John: Yeah. I don’t (3)   it. I really like cooking so, if I'm cooking a short thing, I'll have dinner earlier. But I don't mind if it takes two hours to cook something really good, I'll eat later at night.

Sarah: Wow. Can you tell me about your work (4) ? What time do you usually go to work?

John: See, my work schedule is different everyday. That's why I wake up at a different time everyday. Maybe on – for example, some weeks on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, I start work at 7:00. But on Thursday and Friday , I don't start work until (5) .