Welcome to your Mock test 2 - Listening

Full Name
Phone number

Questions 1 — 6

Complete the hospital‘s new employee record sheet below.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER from the listening for each answer each answer.

New Employee Record Sheet

Applicant's Name:  

Adam (1)


82 Ackland Road Gorley



Mobile Telephone: 

07543 842 (2)

National Insurance Number:

MA 67 95 36 F



Times Available:

6 a.m. - 9 a.m. & alter 3 p.m. - 10 p.m.

(4) at weekends



Weekend job at a (5) - washed up, cleaned surfaces and floors.

David at david@apple.com can provide  us with a (6)


Questions 7 — 10

Complete Adam's notes below

Use NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS  from the listening for each answer

When I arrive and leave, I need to sign in and out at the (7)    - this ensures my

work times and pay are correct. I get £9 an hour.

In the staff changing rooms, I must change into overalls and a (8)

Every 3 hours I get a break - I can go outside or go to the (9)  , where I can get a drink; if I work longer than 4 hours, I get a meal.

I will start next Saturday at 9 a.m.

I need to come in as well for (10)   on Thursday at 4 p.m. (I'll be paid for this).


SECTION 2        Questions 11 - 20

Questions 11 - 16 

Complete the summary below on the radio talk on the town exhibition. 

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the listening for each answer.

The Town Exhibition

The town exhibition will be found in the (11)  from the 9th July to the 14th July. The exhibition firstly is a show for local businesses, especially for apple products. Secondly, the exhibition is a town fair, with lots of games and amusements. The latter mainly starts from (12) p.m. The exhibition ends nightly with a fireworks display at 10 p.m., which is at the central lake. This final show can often upset (13) , so it's best to leave them behind. There will be plenty of international food and drinks on offer and an open fire barbecue offering freshly grilled meats and (14)

Please dress children suitably and don't forget sun cream and a hat if it's sunny. In bad weather, don‘t forget raincoats and umbrellas; consider wearing (15)  which will help if it's very muddy.

There will be a lottery every evening, with results given just before the fireworks. Tickets are a dollar for 4. Write your name and (16) on the back of your tickets if you can't stay for the results. 

Questions 17 20 

Below is a plan of the town exhibition with 6 locations marked A - F .

Questions 17 - 20 name 4 places that can be visited at the exhibition.

Write the correct letter (A - F) that matches the places that can be visited with their locations.

17. Exhibition on other local businesses                 

18. The first aid station                                           

19. Food stations                                                               

20. Amusement rides                                                       

SECTION 3        Questions 21 - 30

Questions 21 — 25 

Choose the correct letter A, B, or C.

21. Two years ago, the US had to import approximately

22. Generating electricity on board a car is not usually done, because

23. Electric cars have cheaper fuel costs mainly because

24. Electric cars' lifecycle emissions depend on

25. Biofuel B100’s emissions are compensated for by

Questions 26 30 

Complete the table below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the listening for each answer.

The Disadvantages of electric Cars

Refuelling Infrastructure

*   Not as common as gas stations

*   Relevant organisations are expanding the network

*   Potentially available anywhere people park

*   Hybrids can use a (26) when necessary

Purchase Costs

*  Much higher than conventional cars

*  Prices will drop as (27)  grow

 * Purchase costs can be offset by fuel savings, tax credits and state (28)        


*  Similar to conventional cars, except the battery

*  Batteries will wear out in spite of their design for extended life

*  Some manufacturers offer different apes of (29) for batteries

*  Battery life a big disadvantage - can be expensive to replace

*  Improvements in (30) and greater manufacturing output will lead to lower battery prices

SECTION 4        Questions 31 - 40

Questions 31 - 40

Complete the notes below. Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the listening for each answer.

Twin Languages

Twin languages are officially called autonomous languages; not a (31)  event - occurs in approx. 40% of twins.


Because twins are so close, they don't communicate so much with others and they develop their own communication system.

It's not always between twins - it's evident also in close siblings. 

It usually occurs with the lack of an (32)

Autonomous languages usually consist of onomatopoeic utterances, some (33) and normal language adapted by children within their speech limitations.

Autonomous languages lack morphology and have a strange word order. Autonomous languages are hard for other people to understand.


Only (34) can explain how and why autonomous languages emerge.

Autonomous languages could arise in children with phonology delays due to little or no language sources to copy.

Children normally develop speech in the same way and make the same (35) when talking. Phonological delays can produce similar language to a “twin language”.

Autonomous languages can be (36)  in twins and close siblings as they communicate in a similar way.

(37)  is often needed to help with sound development. 

Autonomous languages have also been linked to language delays at school.


Parents needn't worry too much - children can switch between secret and normal languages. 

Not all children using an autonomous language will have language delays.

An autonomous language is a (38)  for speech and language problems - a therapist would probably be helpful.

Parents are the best guide for children's language - they influence sound development and the children s length of (39)

Parents should therefore talk as much as possible to their children.

(40)  is very beneficial for all children, especially twins.


Autonomous languages usually disappear after intervention or interaction with other children at school. Children might occasionally revert to the autonomous language (normal), but with care, this will not lead to language problems.