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Questions 1 - 7

There are 4 advertisements A - D on the next page.

Answer the questions below by writing the letters of the appropriate advertisements in boxes 1 - 7 on your answer sheet.

1. Which advertisement says someone can visit customers in their homes?

2. Which advertisement says the business operates internationally?

3. Which advertisement says the business can provide references?

4. Which advertisement says the business will telephone the customer on request?

5. Which advertisement says it does not charge if the project is not successful?

6. Which advertisement says all its charges do not need to be paid straight away?

7. Which advertisement says it can identify problems where customers live?

Questions 8 - 14

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the text?

In boxes 8 - 14 on your answer sheet write:

TRUE if the statement agrees with the information

FALSE if the statement contradicts the information

NOT GIVEN if there is no information on this

Bournepoint Shopping Centre

Bournepoint Shopping Park is a unique retail experience. Located on the edge of town, Bournepoint is one of the largest shopping parks in the country and has many of the biggest stores in the region. In addition to the DIY, pet and gardening superstores and three large supermarkets, we are home to dozens of large High Street brands, as well as restaurants and cafés. Next year, the CinePlus Multiplex Cinema will open, allowing you to shop, eat and visit the cinema without needing to travel elsewhere.

ShoppingMobility             ShoppingMobility provides a solution to many of the shopping problems faced by those with impaired mobility. It is available to anyone, young or old, no matter whether their mobility impairment is temporary or permanent, caused by illness, accident, pregnancy or ageing. Powered scooters and wheelchairs are available as well as manual wheelchairs. Using any of the Bournepoint's mobility equipment is completely free and full training can be given on any of the equipment and bookings can be made in advance to ensure availability. First time visitors will be asked to register and will need to show some form of identification.

The Leisure Complex     In our leisure complex, visitors can swim, go bowling, play pool, or take advantage of the town's only laser shooting centre. The leisure complex is open during Bournepoint's usual opening hours and all activities can be booked online oryou can just turn up and go for it. The bowling is very popular at weekend evenings, so booking this in advance is a good idea. Bowling lessons are available every day in the afternoons and this can be a fun way to spend an afternoon with your friends or maybe plan as a party for your child. Check things out at the website for more details.

Management Suite                 We have a Management Suite available for people to rent office space on a daily or even part-day basis. An office can be rented by just turning up on the day, by telephoning the reservation centre or by using our app. You will be assigned a private room with desk and telephone. There are photocopying, printing, Internet, fax and national telephone services available as part of the price.

Bicycle Security             We are fully aware of the amount of bike theft that occurs locally. Bournepoint Shopping Centre is working with the Police in the community to help prevent the possible theft of your bike. D locks are considered the most secure way to lock up your bike. Large D locks are easier to use and can lock several bikes at a time, but mini D locks are light and easy to carry, plus they are harder for thieves to break. It will give you the peace of mind that you can leave your bike secure when you go shopping.

Bathrooms and Baby Changing               There are two toilet facilities situated at the Bournepoint Shopping Centre. The East Bathrooms are situated next to the Management Suite. The West Bathrooms are situated next to the Multiplex Cinema. Bath bathrooms also have separate parent and baby facilities for changing and feeding. Some individual stores have their own bathrooms available. Please dispose of any baby changing materials in the specialised bins provided.

Parking                     We have over 3000 free car-park spaces with late night trading from Mondays to Thursday until 8.00 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, making Bournepoint a wonderful place to do all your shopping and leisure activities in one convenient location. All facilities on Sunday are open from 10 a.m. and close at 4 p.m. The cinema will have later closing.


8. Bournepoint is the largest shopping park in the country.

9. Visitors to Bournepoint cannot currently visit the cinema there.

10. Swimming lessons are available at the leisure centre.

11. It's advised to make a reservation for bowling if people want to play on Saturday evenings.

12. Customers have to pay extra to print things in the Management Centre.

13. Bicycle users are advised to use a smaller bicycle lock to secure their bikes.

14. The car parks are monitored by security during park opening hours..


Questions 15 - 20

Complete the summary using the words in the box below.

Write your answers in boxes 15 - 20 on your answer sheet.



















Dawson's Ltd. - Company In-service Training

Here at Dawson's, we believe in continually training our staff, so that they can grow personally and our company can grow as a result. We offer regular training sessions for all our staff and you can also apply for any training specific to yourself that you think could be beneficial to you and the company.

When you join Dawson's, we will create a personal development plan for you. In consultation with you, we will identify your strengths and weaknesses, and take into account the way you like to learn. We will review what we've agreed with you at least once a year to evaluate your progress. At these sessions, you can discuss with your line manager any training that you feel you require.

The Benefits of Dawson's Company Training

Staff training can improve business performance, profit and staff self-esteem. The advantages to Dawson's and you include:

  • you choose what new abilities you feel you need to improve working for us. You know best how to target abilities to meet the needs of our operation for now and in the future.

  • training you can result in better customer service, better work safety practices and productivity improvements.

  • we demonstrate to our workforce that we value you enough to invest in you; this can improve staff retention. We hope this makes you as happy as it does us.

Notes on training that you may wish to apply for:

  • training needs to be job-related for Dawson's to pay for it

  • if the training is useful to Dawson's, but not necessary to someone's job, you'll pay 50% of the course costs and we can pay the rest

  • employees must pay us back if they don't complete or pass the course (if evaluation is part of the course)

There is a Training Application Form available on the company website. Fill it in digitally and submit it to your line manager by email. Be careful to include the dates, training fees, any travel or accommodation expenses and how the training applies to you and your role at Dawson's.

Company Training

The following training sessions are coming up for everyone soon:

  • Dealing with difficult customers

  • Coping with email loads

  • Stress — spotting it and how to deal with it

  • Health and safety

  • Project management

Some of these courses are run by specialists who are already part of our company and others are outsourced to organisations that specialise in the relevant field.

Dawson's Ltd. - Company In-service Training

Dawson's staff training is available to all staff if it's deemed to be advantageous for both staff and company. A personal development plan will be (15) for everyone and reviewed annually. The (16) selected for training are chosen by staff. This will help work practices and staff will feel valued and less likely to (17) . Training applied for will be paid wholly or partly by Dawson's, but the company must be repaid if an employee fails any (18 at the training. To apply, employees send the relevant completed form to their line manager, detailing the dates, costs and (19) of the training. Various training sessions will soon take place, some of which are (20)  and some led by other groups.

Questions 21 - 27

Complete the sentences below.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the text for each answer.

Write your answers in boxes 21 - 27 on your answer sheet.

21. Creating a green office can improve employee  as well as their work ethic.

22.  in one's personal life can be noticed when improvements in work  life are implemented.

23. Get someone to check what things your  will take and what they won't.

24. There may be  governing how you get rid of items containing dangerous materials.

25. Try to use  from parties rather than just throwing them away.

26. Reflect on the  of anything you buy, as longer-lasting things will reduce rubbish and save you cash.

27. A between work and the environment can be achieved by turning an office green.

Be a Green Office!

Engage and motivate your co-workers to buy green products and help reduce waste. Learn more about how your office can go green!

A green office can mean all sorts of things, ranging from simply decreasing supply purchase and increasing the number of eco-friendly alternatives to the more advanced actions such as switching energy providers and eliminating waste through a variety of means. In addition to all this, a green office can have a significant effect on employees in terms of morale.

Adding a green aspect to the office equation can also help to make members of a team more aware of their actions with regard to the environment, which is fantastic; it may also add to their work ethic as well. Paying closer attention to details in one aspect of life can lead to recognising shortcomings in others. Subsequently, employees on board with the benefits of a green office can become more well - rounded individuaIs that respect the environment, indoors and out, and their co-workers that much more.

Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Recycle office paper, newspapers, beverage containers, electronic equipment and batteries. Contact your local recycling facility and establish what materials they accept.

  • Consider using safer alternatives to common and potentially hazardous chemicals used in products and processes.

  • For businesses, there may be regulations on the disposal of electronics, batteries and mercury containing lamps, as they may contain hazardous substances.

  • To help reduce waste, use two-sided printing and copying, buy supplies made with recycled content, and top up any printer cartridges you use rather than purchasing fresh replacements — it's cheaper and greener!

  • Before replacing a computer that no longer fits your needs, investigate enhancing its capacity. Many modifications can be made with little know-how using the help of the manufacturer or a do-it-yourself guide.

  • When purchasing new electronics, consider a leasing program that includes proper reuse and recycling.

  • After office festivities, put leftovers in recyclable containers, and share them with family, friends or others. Donate whole, untouched leftovers from parties to a locaI food bank or homeless shelter.

  • Purchase office supplies in bulk or multi-packs to diminish packaging waste. You can also buy items with packaging that can be reused or recycled.

  • Buy energy-efficient items in the office when buying electronics, such as computers. Consider the durability of a product before you purchase it. Cheaper, less durable items often wear out quickly, creating waste and costing you money. Look for items that embody the concept of reuse.

Office culture doesn't have to be at odds with the outside world and taking eco options can help employees feel more relaxed, welcomed and thus happier. Green offices connect the business aspect of life to the natural world, which in turn can help to create a symbiosis between the two. Connecting with the natural world by decreasing consumption and opting for friendlier options can help us to understand the true reasons behind our decisions.



Questions 28 - 40

Read the following passage and answer Questions 28 - 40.

The Search for Life in Outer Space

Ever since the human mind has been able to think outside the box and the extent of outer space has gradually become known, the question of whether we are alone or not has fascinated us. The possibility of a different type of life, in imaginable or unimaginable forms, has shaped scientific research and the development of different cultures and traditions around the world.

When Galileo Galilei, an Italian astronomer, first detected Mars with a primitive telescope in 1609, mankind was, for the first time, confronted with the idea that planet Earth was probably not the centre of the universe. Other planets, even greater than Earth, possibly dominated the space around us. Astronomer Schiaparelli's observations two hundred and seventy years later resulted in a superficial map of Mars' surface being constructed, containing linear features. These, Schiaparelli said, hinted at waterways, possibly created by an intelligent race. Even though these observations were later discarded and described as an optical illusion, the hope of another form of life on Mars was not completely given up until the 1960's, when NASA's Mariner spacecraft landed on Mars and finally provided photographs and scientific evidence that gave proof of the uninhabitable nature of Earth's red neighbour. However, when the idea of life in outer space is discussed, Mars is often still brought up as one of the first subjects, and this is  possibly due to its early discovery in mankind's search of the universe around us. 

A study released recently reports that ancient Mars harboured a form of nitrogen that could potentially have been used by microbes, if any existed, to build key molecules, such as amino acids. Bored samples from a sedimentary mudstone had previously allowed Mars-rover team members to conclude that, billions of years ago, the area was part of a potentially life-supporting lake-and-stream system. The discovery of fixed nitrogen contributes to this habitability picture. This, however, is not the kind of life that people often think about. People want discovery of an intelligent life, not a tiny microbe.

Today, different projects and organisations have tried to shed light on the controversial issue of intelligent life in outer space. The SETI organisation, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence and the largest organisation of its kind, has not seen any success in the past fifty years. Even though this does not eliminate the possibility of other forms of life, it does imply that if they do exist, they do so far from our reach, and these distances complicate any advances in the field. Radio messages and light impulses are seen as methods to communicate with other races, and SETI as well as other organisations and research facilities operate and have operated with these signals. It is likely that lasers will be developed to exploit their even greater range within a few years.

In the past, several attempts to communicate and give evidence of our existence have been made, though without notable success. The "Wow Signal" is regarded as being an exception. It was a signal picked up by a telescope at an American university in 1977 and appeared to have all the right characteristics to have originated from an intelligent species. The fact that no signal was ever received from the same area of the sky again led to the event being regarded as a coincidence or a misinterpretation. However, attempts to communicate and make ourselves known through signals sent to space are now handled with caution. The opinion that this may bring a threat to mankind's existence is not as abstract as it has been presented in many science fiction movies, and scientists as well as astronomers are reluctant to pursue active signalling. It should also be considered that several conditions would need to be present in order for success to occur. Firstly, the extra-terrestrial species would need to have similar technological facilities to ours. Secondly, they would want to make themselves become known, which may not be the case. Thirdly, and most importantly though, they would need to exist in the same era as us, which, considering the large time spans of the universe, is quite unlikely.

Due to technological restrictions, the search for extra-terrestrial life has, for the time being, been limited to our own and some parts of nearby solar systems. Evidence of water vapour and ozone in the atmosphere of another planet are good conditions for most forms of life to exist and are therefore key elements that scientists try to research and identify in order to describe a planet as inhabitable. Even though some people argue that the conditions humans need to survive should not necessarily be the same for other forms of life, it is logical to conclude that these conditions are likely to be needed by another race, as the universe uses a similar chemistry. However, due to the fact that the development from one-celled organisms to several-celled ones is very unlikely and the emergence of intelligence is even more unlikely, many renowned scientists are now less optimistic and are convinced that, at present, we are the only intelligent species in this galaxy.

The new and unknown has always fascinated us, and this is why scientists, astronomers and organisations like the SETI refuse to give up the search. The chances of success are difficult to estimate and probably low, but if no attempts are made, the chance of a discovery is zero.

Questions 28 - 35

Complete the notes below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

Write your answers in boxes 28 - 35 on your answer sheet.

The History and Role of Mars in the Search for Life

* The chances of finding alien life forms has influenced (28)   and how societies have developed their way of life.

* In 1609, Galileo Galilei's early use of a primitive telescope led to his discovery of Mars.

* It became questionable whether Earth is the centre of the universe - rejected as being an optical illusion.

* The creation of a map of Mars' surface with what one astronomer thought were (29)    brought up the idea of a civilisation on Mars. 

* NASA's Mariner spacecraft finally proved that Mars was (30)  .

* Mars is still a common subject when discussing alien life.

Recent Discoveries on Mars

* A certain type of nitrogen used to make amino acids and microbes has been found in mudstone (31)   drilled by the Mars-rover.

* The discovery has led to conclusions of ancient lakes and streams on Mars. 

* Not the type of extra-terrestrial being usually imagined.

Research Organisations and Signalling

* The search for intelligent life in outer space is still regarded as (32)  . 

* The possibility of other forms of life is not impossible, but the great (33)   make communication difficult.

* Radio messages and light impulses have been used in the past.

* In the near future, (34)   will probably be used, as they will have a better (35) .


Questions 36 — 38

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the text?

In boxes 36 - 38 on your answer sheet write:

TRUE if the statement agrees with the information

FALSE if the statement contradicts the information

NOT GIVEN if there is no information on this

36. The "Wow Signal" was rejected as alien contact, as it was believed to be the result of deliberate manipulation by a research member.

37. Scientists are confident to continue signalling, as the danger of this process for Earth and its inhabitants is regarded to be non-existent.

38. Active signalling on a continuous basis is necessary in order to obtain possible answers from races of outer space.

Questions 39 and 40

Choose the correct letter A, B, C or D.

Write the correct letter in boxes 39 and 40 on your answer sheet.

39. The key condition to finding intelligent life in the universe is

40. Scientists are now less optimistic that extra-terrestrial intelligent life exists, because